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Premier Lipedema Clinic is a leading provider of specialized care for patients with Lipedema, a condition that primarily affects women and is characterized by abnormal fat cells in the lower body and arms. The clinic's mission is to tear down the barriers to care and provide world-class treatment options that improve the quality of life for Lipedema patients.

The clinic offers a range of treatment options, both non-surgical and surgical, to address the symptoms and challenges associated with Lipedema. Non-surgical treatments focus on reducing inflammation, improving lymphatic flow, and managing pain. These may include compression garments, dietary supplements, diet changes, and exercise.

For more significant and long-lasting results, Premier Lipedema Clinic offers surgical treatments such as liposuction. They specialize in lymphatic-sparing liposuction techniques that have been refined over years of experience and deliver superior outcomes. This approach removes diseased fat cells while preserving valuable nerves, connective tissue, and blood vessels.

With their expertise in Lipedema treatment and commitment to patient care, Premier Lipedema Clinic has become a destination for patients seeking effective solutions to redefine their normal. Contact them today to learn more about their treatment options and start your journey towards improved function, reduced pain, and a better quality of life.