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Idaho Weight Loss & Wellness Logo

Idaho Weight Loss & Wellness

11118 Moss Ln, Nampa, ID 83651
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The Idaho Weight Loss clinic offers a comprehensive weight management program that is divided into three phases: Active Weight Loss, Transition, and Long-term Maintenance. During the Active Weight Loss phase, patients receive an initial longer appointment to introduce them to the bariatric obesity treatment program. Subsequent appointments are typically shorter, and most patients visit the clinic on a monthly basis. The average duration of this phase for first-time patients is 6 to 9 months.

In the Transition phase, the focus shifts towards future weight maintenance. Medication doses are gradually reduced and spaced out, and the time between clinic visits is lengthened. Patients continue to practice the nutritional and lifestyle changes they learned during active weight loss.

Once patients have demonstrated long-term lifestyle and metabolic changes, they enter the Maintenance phase. Some patients may be completely off weight loss medications, while others may require a small maintenance dose. During this phase, patients monitor their weight within a range established by the clinic as part of their CARE Plan.

Idaho Weight Loss aims to provide a safe place for patients to return whenever needed, whether it's for continued maintenance or returning to active weight loss if necessary.