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Clean Slate Dustless Blasting Logo

Clean Slate Dustless Blasting

5720 N. County Rd. 15, Fort Collins, CO 80524
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Clean Slate Blasting is a reputable sandblasting company based in Fort Collins, Colorado. They specialize in providing exceptional sandblasting services for various applications, including automotive, residential, commercial, and industrial projects. With their traditional sandblasting process using a range of abrasives like garnet, recycled glass, or plastic, Clean Slate Blasting can effectively remove paint, rust, and other coatings from surfaces such as metal, cement, and wood.

In the automotive sector, Clean Slate Blasting offers professional sandblasting services to prepare vehicles for new paint jobs or restoration projects. They use a combination of low pressure and gentle abrasives to ensure that the panels are not warped during the blasting process.

For residential customers, Clean Slate Blasting provides mobile dustless blasting services to deep clean exterior surfaces such as driveways and remove oil stains effectively. Their skilled team can significantly reduce the prep work required for repainting or re-staining projects.

Clean Slate Blasting also caters to commercial clients by offering surface cleaning and preparation services. Their sandblasting techniques can help improve the overall appearance of commercial spaces by removing layers of grime from pavements, sidewalks, driveways, and more.

In addition to their automotive and residential services, Clean Slate Blasting specializes in cleaning and restoring industrial equipment. They have powerful tools and a mobile setup that allows them to efficiently remove dirt, grime, and even industrial-strength coatings from off-road equipment.

With their dedication to quality service and attention to detail, Clean Slate Blasting has earned a reputation for being trustworthy professionals in the sandblasting industry. Contact them today to experience their expertise firsthand.