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Changed Approval

New Castle, DE

Changed Approval is a platform that offers free credit repair services. They aim to help individuals improve their credit scores by removing invalid collection accounts. Their user-friendly software allows users to import, analyze, and submit high-quality credit dispute letters at no cost. The platform also provides credit monitoring services to keep track of any changes in the credit report.

The process of using Changed Approval is straightforward. Users start by registering and authorizing the platform to access their credit information. They then obtain a copy of their credit report and connect it to the platform for analysis. Users can identify inaccuracies in their report and download pre-written dispute letters to send to the credit bureaus.

Once the letters are sent, the credit bureaus will conduct an investigation into the disputed items. Results are typically received within 30 days. If errors still persist on the credit report, users can apply advanced disputing methods.

Alongside their free credit repair services, Changed Approval recommends tailored credit-building offers such as loans and credit cards. These offers aim to help users meet their financial goals while expanding their credit profile.

Changed Approval believes that everyone deserves an accurate credit report and strives to assist individuals in achieving their financial goals through self-help software.