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CHILD USA is a leading nonprofit think tank that is dedicated to protecting children's civil rights and preventing child sex abuse. They employ in-depth legal analysis and cutting-edge social science research to achieve their mission. CHILD USA focuses on several key initiatives, including:

1. Child Sex Abuse and Trafficking: CHILD USA works towards creating a safer world for children by advocating for reforms in the statutes of limitation for child sex abuse. They also work to end child marriage and address the abuse and neglect of athletes.

2. Educational Neglect: CHILD USA is committed to ensuring that every child receives a quality education, regardless of their location. They aim to address educational neglect and advocate for equal access to education for all children.

3. Medical Neglect and Vaccine Avoidance: CHILD USA highlights the importance of medical care for children. They strive to eliminate religious exemptions that hinder necessary testing and screening, ensuring that children receive proper medical attention.

CHILD USA's initiatives are driven by their dedication to protecting children, preventing future abuse, and bringing justice to survivors. Through their work, they aim to create a world where all children are safe, happy, and free from abuse.