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American Eagle Prof Services is a trusted basement waterproofing company in Annapolis that offers both interior and exterior basement waterproofing systems. They understand the importance of keeping your basement dry and safe, as water seepage can lead to structural damage and health hazards such as mold growth. Their team of trained experts can pinpoint the source of water seepage, whether it's through cracks in the walls or floor, the cove joint, windows, or over the top of the foundation.

For interior basement waterproofing, they install drain tile, seal wall or floor cracks, and incorporate a sump pump system to capture and redirect any water entering your home. Exterior basement waterproofing involves installing a waterproof membrane around the foundation to prevent water from entering through cracks.

If you're experiencing any water-related issues in your basement or want to prevent future problems, American Eagle Prof Services is ready to help. Contact them online or call (410) 263-9682 for an appointment.