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Acertara Acoustic Laboratories Logo

Acertara Acoustic Laboratories

1950 Lefthand Creek Ln, Longmont, CO 80501
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Acertara offers a range of ultrasound products and accessories. Some of their featured products include:

1. Advantage™: This is an ultrasound tissue mimicking QA phantom that is designed to ensure the accuracy and performance of ultrasound imaging systems. It provides a reliable tool for quality assurance testing.

2. AmpSafe™: AmpSafe is an electrical leakage tester for ultrasound probes. It helps in identifying any electrical leakage issues in the probes, ensuring the safety of patients and healthcare providers.

3. Acoustic Measurement System: This system is used for FDA 510(k) IEC60601-2-37 testing. It allows for accurate measurement and assessment of acoustic parameters, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

4. ATLAS™: ATLAS is a quantitative ultrasound probe tester that provides comprehensive evaluation and analysis of ultrasound probes. It assesses various parameters such as frequency response, sensitivity, and beam profile.

These products are designed to support the quality and performance of ultrasound devices, enabling healthcare providers to deliver accurate and reliable diagnostic results. For more information about these products, visit Acertara's website on their "Our Products" page.