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4433 South Dr, Houston, TX 77053
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AXXAIR is a company with a rich history of over 20 years in the market of orbital tube working machines. They have achieved significant milestones throughout their journey. In 1997, AXXAIR was founded after the ESSEN show in Germany, initially offering one model. Over the years, they have expanded their product range and introduced various innovations.

In 2001, AXXAIR introduced the first closed orbital welding head and power supply with electronic control. In 2006, they obtained a new patent for orbital carbide beveling. In 2010, AXXAIR redesigned their CC range and established a subsidiary in Rastatt, Germany. In 2012, they further expanded their presence by establishing a subsidiary in Texas, USA.

In 2018, AXXAIR celebrated their 20th anniversary with the inauguration of new buildings. In recent years, they have continued to innovate and introduce new products such as the SATFX range of orbital closed head welding machines.

These milestones showcase AXXAIR's commitment to excellence and continuous improvement in providing high-quality orbital tube working machines for various industries.