Unraveling the Value of Monthly SEO Services for Your Business

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Unraveling the Value of Monthly SEO Services for Your Business

Digital marketing is redefining how businesses reach and interact with their consumers. This transformation has allowed for the flourishing of giants such as Amazon, while traditional retail companies struggle to keep up. Your potential customers are more likely to encounter your online presence before they step foot in your physical location, if you have one at all. This underscores the importance of establishing a strong digital footprint.

Is Monthly SEO Worth It?Amazon stands as a testament to this new era of business. Despite operating without a brick-and-mortar presence, it's one of the largest retailers globally and continues to grow.

The main channels through which digital marketing operates include search marketing, social media, display advertising, and email marketing. Interestingly, search engines are proving to be the most crucial channel for digital marketers.

Consider these facts: nearly 200 billion searches are made each month via various search engines. By 2019, it’s expected that more than 236 million people in the U.S will be using search engines. Over two-thirds of marketers consider increasing their organic online presence as their top priority. Moreover, around 72% of people who conduct a local store search on their mobile phones end up visiting the store. Conversely, social media contributes only about 3% traffic to websites on average.

From these statistics, we can infer two things: (1) Digital marketing has surpassed traditional channels like TV in importance and (2) Search engines dominate digital marketing sales. Therefore, investing in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which enhances your visibility on search engines, should be an integral part of any effective marketing strategy.

If you’re wondering whether investing in monthly SEO services is worth it, ask yourself what you stand to lose if your business isn’t readily searchable online. There's enormous potential for driving business through search-based traffic, which is second only to referrals. Moreover, search engines directly connect you with people who are actively seeking your products or services. Therefore, investing in SEO isn’t just a smart marketing move—it’s common sense.

But why can't a single SEO campaign suffice instead of a long-term strategy? The reason is that SEO is not an overnight process—it's a marathon. Websites don't jump from obscurity to the top ranking on Google in a day. Earning trust from search engines takes time and continuous effort—Google alone updates its search algorithm over 500 times each year and considers more than 200 factors when deciding website rankings. Hence, your SEO strategy needs constant tweaking and updating to stay effective.

The industry of SEO service providers is indeed riddled with challenges as some companies may exploit their customers or lack competence altogether. Therefore, you need to exercise due diligence when choosing an SEO company—look for proven track records and don't fall for smooth sales pitches without substance. Your business deserves an SEO company that's competent, honest, and affordable.